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7 mai 2012 Posted by Bruno


Learners and teachers have not the same goals.
A true learner desire to be more efficient.
Then, the learner is closer than everyone else from the spirit of the school : becoming better.

True learners need to give by themselves a true life to the so-called "learning to learn".
Because neither teachers neither dogmatic method-sellers have a true interest and a true credibility to give you an overall view on efficiency.
Then, only free minds may take the chance to get the real spirit of the "learning to learn", because thinking by onself is the first step.

That's why I love Study softwares (Anki, and XMind : my favorite).They represent an opportunity to reconsider by oneself the way of learning.
They push you to the first step : reconsidering what is information, memorisation, and organisation.
They are not methods, they are cognitive tools and inspirational objects for your future methods.

I wish that my small application will help students, as i were, who wished to cross the gap between Mindmaps and SRS.